Niche Research to Profits Step-By-Step! (Tutorial)

How do you get from Niche Research to Profits? – Step-By-Step! This is a live case study from Jay at Magistudios, showing how to how to start blogging on WordPress, from researching niche ideas, through to employing external writers for your blog. In other words, the whole process from start to profit!

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From Niche Research to Profits – Topics

Here is a list of the the daily topics that are covered.

  1.  Establish: Niche
  2.  Research: Affiliate Programs
  3.  Research: Keywords
  4.  Build: Website
  5.  Setup: Tracking
  6.  Setup: Socials
  7.  Write: Core Content
  8.  Build: Content Strategy Spreadsheet
  9.  Build: Content Creation Calendar
  10.  Write: 1st Blog Post
  11.  Write: 2nd Blog Post
  12.  Build: Social Media Growth
  13.  Setup: Hire Writer
  14.  Write: 3rd Blog Post from Writer

Build a valuable asset! 

As you can see by the itinerary, this is a pretty comprehensive course, covering all of the essentials of creating a blog for profit. Go from niche research to profits!

Not only is it possible to create an ongoing income, but a successful blog has a sale value on the open market. You will be creating a valuable asset into the bargain!

Access this course here, your blogging future starts now!

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