The Power Of Not Giving Up – From 7-Eleven to 6-Figure Income!

The Power Of Never Giving Up

Whatever you do in life, if you know something works, you should be able to succeed, if others have previously proven the method. There may be set-backs, and you may have to find out more information, and the re-adjust what you are doing slightly, but the power of “not giving up” should see you through. See how a journey can change beyond recognition, in a relatively short time. From a place of “wanting something different” in life, and going against cultural values, one man shows strength of character, and sheer determination to succeed. His name is Amrit Atwal, and this is his road from 7-Eleven to 6-Figure income.


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So, Where Did I Find Out About Amrit Atwal?

So, you may be thinking “WOW! 7-Eleven to 6-Figure Income, that sounds like a fascinating story! Where did you find out about Amrit Atwal?

Well, it’s been a bit of a strange year, to say the least! I found myself in-between contracts, and therefore out off work (accidentally retired!). Whilst spending time at home – lots of time at home, I got into the habit of listening to podcasts as I needed something to distract me, as I was busy decorating our lounge (not my favourite pastime!).

One of the podcasts I came across was Travel Like A Boss, hosted by Johnny F.D., a Digital Nomad based out of, well, wherever he wants to spend time, but mainly Chiang Mai, Thailand.

He is an entrepreneur who initially made his money drop shipping high value items, and has since increased his income streams, and indeed, podcasts, as he now co-hosts with Sam Marks on the “Invest Like A Boss” podcast as well. In his early days in Asia, he also wrote the book 12 Weeks In Thailand where he describes how to live the good life on the cheap, for $600/month.

12 Weeks In Thailand - The Good Life On The Cheap

Following the book, Johnny started his drop shipping business.

Mm, Thailand!….. Bootstrapping an exciting opportunity in an awesome place, who wouldn’t want some of that?

Anyway, back to Amrit!


Starting Out

Growing up in the Punjab/Rajasthan area of Northern India, Amrit would have, perhaps, been expected to follow in the cultural traditions of taking on his father’s trade, and earnings level, when he grew up. However, he had dreams of doing something different: to make his own way in life, and show the world he was ambitious, and entrepreneurial. His dream was to be a “Truckie” and drive trucks for a living, and this was only the start!

But this was not something he wanted to do in his home country, even. He was on the move!


Moving To Australia Aged 18

Thinking Of Moving To AustraliaAcquiring a study visa, in 2007 he moved across the ocean to Australia, where he began a new, and very different life. After struggling to be accepted at first, he worked hard, and the locals realized the massive efforts he was making, and his good work ethic, and he started to make good progress fitting in with the Aussie life. Through a friend, a group of them moved to an apartment in Melbourne.

Things aren’t cheap in Melbourne, but they managed to get by on $45/month each. This was only possible because there were 15 of them sharing! Problem was, it was only a 1-bed apartment! It was slightly crowded, to say the least!

Things got a little better when he moved apartments, and then managed to get a job at a 7-Eleven store, and from there, went on to spend a couple of years working in a restaurant. He was now earning $420 a week.

Coming into his 20s, his dreams finally started to come true when a friend who was already driving trucks, opened the road ahead to his future, and his desire to be a “Truckie” was realized. Instead of $420, it was suddenly $720 a week.

Things were looking good! With this, and then getting citizenship, the future was looking bright, even though the 14-hour days (including a 1 hour commute each way), were pretty grueling. Things needed to change!


Life As A Business Owner

With the need to earn a good living, and also be more independent, he started looking for ways to make money online. This included a lot of sifting out of the dodgy scams, and business ideas that were unrealistic, or unworkable. It was around this time he came across an episode of Travel Like A Boss podcast, and got inspired by an episode about an Australian couple, Jose & Sherica, who were doing drop shipping (TLAB Episode 89). He could directly relate to this because he knew they were from the country where he was living, and they had proven that they could make this business work. Indeed, they were very successful with it.

From this episode, he learned of Anton Kraly’s Dropship Lifestyle course, which the Aussie couple had taken, and which had helped them make a success of their second store.

Having found this awesome podcast, he proceeded to play catch-up, listening to all the episodes up to date at that time, in the following 15 days! (that’s around 100 hour long podcasts). And this was not the only inspiration during this time. He was listening to other podcasts, and audio books as well. He was able to fit all this in because he could play these whilst doing his long-hours driving job. Great use of his time! This opened up a whole new world of opportunity for him!

Since he was so convinced that he wanted to go down the drop shipping route, having learned of the success of this business model, he bypassed the $999 course, and went all-in with a Done-For-You package (DFY), at a cost of $5000!

So, 2 weeks later, having chosen what niche he wanted to specialize in for his store, and having had the website/sore made for him, he was on his way. Unfortunately, this 1st attempt failed, due to a poor niche selection. There was not enough demand for the chosen product, and the competition already had a head start, and the upper hand over him.

Now this might have put a lot of people off, so much so, that they’d have returned to a “normal” life working for a boss until they retired. But Amrit was made of stronger stuff, and was a very determined, and driven kind of guy. He was not deterred by this setback!

“I’m the type of person, if I don’t believe in something, I will not do it. If I’m committed to it, then it’s not him(or the method), it’s me. In the first place, I will check everything, and do all the research I can do, then I will commit to it”.

He’d done his research, and had evidence from the podcast that others had been successful with this drop shipping method, so he was not about to abandon his dream, and give up!


Down, But Not Defeated!

Determined to carry on, he decided that getting coaching was the way to go, which gave him some crucial guidance with his niche selection, which is the heart of the business.

Not having the money to commit to another DFY store, he was tasked with building his own website, which he did in 1 day, having pulled an over-nighter so he could make a meeting the next morning, which he had previously committed to.

A few days after everything on his store was done, and live, he was able to celebrate his first sale of $500. This time, his store was going to be successful: he was on his way!


Be Like Amrit Atwal – Don’t Give Up On A Good Thing!

How To Achieve A Goal Successfully

Had he quit after his first store failed, he would never have know the success that was yet to come.

“If the 2nd didn’t work, I’d have started a 3rd”

Anton Kraly’s Dropship Lifestyle course, was developed for the USA market, where they could benefit from the Minimum Advertised Price policy, but there was no such MAP policy in Australia. Also, there were very high shipping costs involved, due to the size of the Australian continent. Amrit did not let these obstacles deter him. He even showed his determination, and professionalism, by traveling far and wide to actually meet potential suppliers in person, rather than just trying to gain approval to sell their products, over the phone. Traveling from Melbourne to Sydney (distance by car nearly 900km), to visit a business, is no small undertaking!

This was very worthwhile, though, as it showed he was dead serious about his business. They were quite shocked that he had gone to such great efforts to gain their trust. This is so good for the beginning of a mutually beneficial working relationship

Massive efforts lead to massive success, and within a short time, this produced increasing monthly figures, and he was able to reach a month where his monthly revenue hit $60k! The net result of this great month being a profit of $12k. 6-figure income territory had been achieved!


Now Here’s The Incredible Part!

Through a rock solid, positive mindset, Amrit was able to move from India to Australia, and go from working at a 7-Eleven to a 6-figure income in just a few short years. All this is made even more amazing when you consider that…

  • He had no business experience
  • He had no prior technical background
  • He did not even know how to send an email when his business journey started!
  • He did not even realise for 4 years that he could download apps to his iPhone 3!

This goes to show that…

  • You can start from nothing
  • Attitude and mindset are everything
  • Skills can be taught
  • If the method is proven, follow the steps, and you can be successful
  • If you don’t know something, ask, or just Google it!


Success Stories From Others Who Didn’t Give Up!

The future starts today!

If any of this resonated with you, here are some more inspiring stories to check out!


A Great Listen, Whilst Driving Your Truck! 🙂

When I listened to this episode, it just blew my mind!

Listen for yourself on Spotify.

Travel Like A Boss Episode 209
Click to Listen to this episode


Wishing you much success……….


8 thoughts on “The Power Of Not Giving Up – From 7-Eleven to 6-Figure Income!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this interesting article, it is a good one and it’ll be helpful to a lot of us, it is very easy for people to give up when they have limitations but when we have the urge to  move ahead and get to do what we what will be very helpful in making us achieve our goals. Thanks for sharing

    • Shavo, even when you know what you want, it sometimes still takes great courage, and strength of character to see it through! You have to have unswerving trust in yourself. 

  2. Wow. This is quite an interesting article you have here. I did have a great time reading your experience and how you met Amrit Atwal. I really got the message from your story, which is the power of not giving up, and why one should not give up. Although, I am a bit confused on the meaning of 7-Eleven. Please can you enlighten me on its meaning?

    • Nelson, thanks for your feedback, I’m so glad it was useful to you. Although I did not meet Amrit Atwal in person, listening to the episode, it certainly felt like he was right there next to me telling his amazing story! 

      It showed great determination from someone who worked at a 7-Eleven (it’s like a large corner shop/convenience store), and just goes to show how life can change very quickly, over a few short years! 

      Hopefully, you’ll achieve great success, just like Amrit. 🙂

  3. A Great story that one has to read to find out the end result. His story is repeated everyday and achieved by dedication and knowing where you are going and the steps to take to get there.
    Enough links to encourage further delving into a subject of success for any one that chooses this path.

    Peter H

  4. What an inspiring story. The fact that this man spent so much time and energy into something he truly believed and didn’t give up, not to mention how young he was when it all started happening. Stories like this really put you into perspective of how you’re managing to build up your own business. Often times we find ourselves drawn into the “if I don’t make it in a month then I’m out” mentality thinking that success comes as fast as we want it to. Sadly, that’s not the case. We can’t expect results if we don’t make an effort to actually do our job and grow our business. 

    • Thanks Stephanie, it just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what age you are 18 or 80, if you have the right attitude and determination, good things can happen! But I also agree that there is a bit of a sense of entitlement these days, where people just “want it now”. 


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