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I’d like to give you a concise Wealthy Affiliate review (2020) that you can compare with other opportunities which you may have already researched, thereby giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice as to what will work for your circumstances.

This review will set out what it is all about, the way it operates, the features, and benefits it offers the user. I will also include my own ratings as a guide, and details of the value added bonus. Hopefully, all this will answer whether this is suitable for you, given your own level of experience.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through one of these links. Please be assured that there is no additional cost to yourself by doing this. Please read my disclosure for more information. Thank you.

Wealthy Affiliate review – What is it?

www.wealthyaffiliate.com   (affiliate link)  Owners Kyle & Carson

A “one stop shop” online platform for the affiliate marketer, or anyone else who requires a website for business or non-commercial use, providing the most advanced and comprehensive training in the industry. This enables you to build a website from scratch, with no prior knowledge, with full support whilst doing so. You can literally earn while you learn, although the “earning” part requires a step by step process to get traction. You need to walk before you run!

Features of the platform:-

  • Website building tools
  • Hosting
  • Website content platform
  • Site Performance tools
  • Keyword/niche research platform
  • Weekly Live training
  • Active community
  • Technical support
  • Affiliate Bootcamp

Rated By The Infinite Affiliate

Training … 5.0

Support … 4.9

Website Builder … 4.9

WordPress Hosting … 4.7

Research Tools … 5.0

Success Stories… 4.7

Cost … 4.8

Overall Rating … 4.85


Awesome Training – This is how it works

This excellent training can take you from having no knowledge, to having a fully built, and optimized website.

Whatever you need to know, the answers are all here.

Training comes in the form of the Online Entrepreneur Certificate. It is laid out in a very user-friendly format, which has various sections containing easy to follow lessons, and tasks, which can then be checked off in the progress boxes as you go through the course.


Wealthy Affiliate Review - Training Structure
Online Entrepreneur Certification                      The lessons include written text, info graphics, and screen shots, to back up the really clear instructional videos that go with each lesson in this course. The videos cover the best strategies to adopt for maximum impact, as well as all the technical aspects of building your website.

These lessons can be returned to at anytime, to refresh your memory on any points that may have slipped through the cracks.

Great for reinforcing the training, and making sure it sticks!

Below each lesson, there is a link to the specific discussion forum relating to it, where you can access and benefit from the experience of those who have been there and done it previously.

If you do ask in the forums, you are likely to receive your answers very quickly(1.8 minutes average), as there is a very engaged and active community, who are massively helpful. Rare to find!

You can also get any questions you may have, answered in the search facility at the top of the page. Just start typing in the search box, and you can view the relevant content that pops up underneath.



Affiliate Bootcamp – Lets Get Marching!

For those who choose to upgrade to Premium, there is the opportunity to learn from this extra training, which specifically covers how to promote the “How To Make Money Online” niche as an affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has its own program which you can tap into, which is one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the world!

Especially beneficial to the more experienced digital marketer.


Lights, Camera, Action – Weekly Live Training Classes

To offer yet another way to learn how to make money online with wealthy affiliate, there are weekly Live Classes, for those who wish to attend. These are “Standalone” classes that, whilst being live, and giving the opportunity for an instant Q&A session, are recorded for members to watch later at a time of their choosing. How convenient!


As you can see from all this, there is an abundance of opportunities to learn with Wealthy Affiliate!

==> To Get The Most Advanced & Comprehensive Training In The Industry, CLICK HERE!(affiliate link)

Using The Training – Building Your Website

Now it’s time for the fun bit:Let’s build a site!

You can achieve all of this, whilst still remaining within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

  1. Choose a great name for your website (you can also move a domain you already own, to WA for hosting if you wish)
  2. Build your website using WordPress and SiteRubix (no coding necessary)
  3. Create the Structure within your site
  4. Create your content
  5. Publish your site
  6. Achieve great things!

Site Content Tool

With this tool, you can create the content which will fill your site with pages, and posts. Made awesomely easier because of the magical help you get by way of the following:-

  • 100’s of critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Automated publishing directly to your website
  • Writing goals and accomplishments
  • SEO analysis and checks
  • Content structure analysis
  • Ability to template content
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions


Meet Your New Best Friend! – Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

“What is the jaaxy keyword research tool?” I hear you ask.

This is the one thing that can define your success beyond belief! By understanding how to use this tool, your content will be based around search terms that people are actually typing into search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

The benefit of optimizing this strategy, is to gain increased ranking within the search engines, and put your pages right in front of people so they can benefit from your content. Being on page 1 of Google is your goal. Good use of this tool will help to make that happen.


The Blog Is Powerful – Stay In Touch With The Community

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Community Interactions

Here you will learn of all the great success stories from people who are just building their online businesses, to people with vast experience and even the main trainers, and Kyle, Carson & Jay themselves! Where else can you rub shoulders with such entrepreneurs?

Great motivation for staying on track and being accountable for the goals you set yourself.



They say …….

“You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with most”

                   What if you were to surround yourself with this wealth of knowledge!


Try For Free – Or Hit Warp Speed With Premium

It Is FREE To Start, But You Have The Option To Turbocharge With Premium Membership!


Although there is no requirement to upgrade from the FREE version, many people choose to when they see the benefits. The choice is entirely yours.

  • FREE as long as you need
  • Premium $19 month 1
  • Premium $49 paid monthly
  • Or, Premium $220 paid yearly

For a full Starter/Premium comparison chart Click Here


So, What is The Infinite Affiliate’s Verdict? + How Can You Access The Special BONUS?

To summarize, this platform would be a great starting place for computer-literate people with no experience of either building a website, or affiliate marketing. You do not need to build your site for affiliate marketing, it’s up to you. You may just want to create a gap-year travel blog for your family! It also offers great affiliate opportunities for the more experienced.

Having read so many good things about this opportunity, and satisfied myself regarding its authenticity, I was happy to sign up for Premium fairly quickly, and am now on my journey to a long-term online business. This is my own personal goal.

Hooray! I now know how to build a website! Would you like to?

Join wealthy Affiliate’s $0 Starter Membership Here   (affiliate link)

How To Claim Your Bonus

When you join as a free starter using the link just above this (no credit card required), you’ll probably think “WOW! this is brilliant!”. You will receive a personal ‘Welcome’ message from me, with some further information about Wealthy Affiliate, and how to receive your bonus.  If you then decide you want to reap the benefits of becoming a Premium member within the first 7 days, you can take advantage of the 59% discount, and more.

You can also contact me direct through the site’s direct messaging.  If you have any question I can answer for you, I’m always happy to help!

And I haven’t even mentioned LAS VEGAS! Check the link above to find out more.

**Read some testimonials here**


By all means drop a comment below, or if you have any questions on my Wealthy Affiliate review (2020) review, I will do my best to provide you with the answer! Thanks 🙂


Wishing you much success……….


Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership


About the author

Colin Hitchman - Author

Having frequently thought about the possibility of leaving the “DAY JOB”, I have discovered a plethora of opportunities to work from home. In this site, I aim to explore what it is possible to achieve from someone who is computer-literate, but has no background in actually working online.

4 responses to “WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW (2020) – Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Or Experts?”

  1. Sophie Avatar

    Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this review on wealthy affiliate. I’ve gone through it and your effort must be commended as the review is well detailed and contains valuable information. Wealthy affiliate is both for beginners and people who have been in the business for a while too. It has to be the best platform for affiliate marketing as you don’t just earn money from it, you learn from it too. It gives the best marketing tools. I know all this because I use this platform. 

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Sophie, thanks for sharing. I wish I’d come across this opportunity a lot sooner! For anyone reading this, I believe,’You are your best back-up plan, and Wealthy Affiliate can be your best “Wing man”! Wishing you much success 👍 

  2. Jackie Avatar

    Wealthy affiliate is for everyone both those that are just starting out as beginners and those who has been in the business for a long time too. It is good for anyone in it to try to learn about affiliate marketing and the only plaform that is able to teach so well and still give the best tools in the market to use for success is wealthy affiliate so I would urge anyone who wants to make money online to join in and make money.

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Jackie. Great comment, I totally agree, and I’m sure those who have been making a full-time income for a while would, too! For newbies, the training is just 1st class. It takes work, but there’s no such thing as a “Free lunch”, right? I love the idea that learning and earning go hand-in-hand.


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