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Do you sometimes sit at your laptop, and not know where to start for your next blog post or article? Maybe you wish you could get a little AI online writing helper? Don’t worry, there is a way, and I’m just about to make your day!


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A Common Problem

Sometimes, you may suffer from writer’s block, or need a bit of inspiration to get you going. Other times, you may just want to optimize your time!

I recently came across a newly launched online program that can help with both of these. Incredibly, this artificial intelligence (AI) program will generate an article within your chosen niche, and sub-niche, with just a good lead in prompt line!

Great! So I thought I would look further into it, as it sounded right up my street!

AI Online Writing Helper - Bot Helping Man Write Web Content



The Awesome Solution – Creaite!

Creaite, which launched just recently, have come up with a genius program, that will create “Done For You” content.

It is very easy to understand, and use.

You start with a relevant prompt, specific to your writing task. For the example below, to get things started, I wrote :-

“So, you have done some keyword research, and now it is time to “flesh out” an idea for your new blog post. There are certain things you’ll need to consider, if you want to your article to engage with your target audience.”

The software realized my mistakenly added “to“, and still proceeded to automatically deliver a short article.


This was in the Niche – Affiliate Marketing

(The title you see was auto-generated by the software)


Title: How To Write Effective Articles For Your Internet Business?

Body 344 Words

So, you have done some keyword research, and now it is time to “flesh out” an idea for your new blog post. There are certain things you’ll need to consider, if you want to your article to engage with your target audience. This will help you build trust – so that your post will be read.

1. You must have some interest in the topic of your article. This can be an interest or a hobby. I am an amateur cyclist and I’m sure you have heard about the “Dude You’re Not Sportin’ When you Ride your Bike.” In fact, if your topic is not interesting to you, it’s not interesting to anybody. If I were writing an article on “How to Train Your Dog to Stop Barking,” my dog would have to be an expert dog. If she Barks at the grocery store when I’m returning something (where she doesn’t want anything to do with me), I’ll never write that article.

2. The article must be original and must stand out in your niche. The most popular articles are always repackaged variations of other authors’ work.

3. People MUST read your article. This is where your effort is focused. If you can’t find enough interest in your article (let alone read it), it is likely the same for everybody in your niche. The trick is to provide a useful and informative content.

The trick is to find the niche with the people who wants the information you provide. If your article gets the right kind of traffic, it can get your article in top position for that keyword. That’s the real deal.

I want you to think about it. If your article is good enough to get in top position for keywords, then you can get in front of those keywords with other articles, which is guaranteed to get you traffic. That’s an advantage of having multiple articles on that subject.

This is what I mean when I talk about “multiple entry points”. The more articles you post on that subject, the more likely you’ll be to make money.

From there, I thought I’d develop this a bit, so I took some sentences from the generated article to start the next. These prompts are shown in bold below. Again, the titles are auto-generated. In essence, the other 3 posts below, were expanded from the 3 points in the one you have just read.


Title: How to Build Your Blog Readership

Body 359 words

People MUST read your article. This is where your effort is focused. If you can’t find enough interest in your article (let alone read it), it is likely the same for everybody in your niche. The trick is to provide a useful and informative content. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. You can simply use relevant and helpful content to your article. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is unlikely to win you readers.

You should strive for personalization, if for nothing else. People love to know someone else’s experience. In addition, you can offer links to related content on your website, your blog (if applicable), or other relevant content elsewhere on the Internet. These links, provided they are relevant, can help gain you additional readers.

You should always write your articles with a perspective of attracting comments. In some areas of your niche, it is very difficult to gain people’s comments. If you can’t gain people’s comments, this means your article is not focusing on some relevant part of your niche. So, you should do whatever you can to attract comments. This may be accomplished in a number of ways. The one you should use most is posting a provocative title.

Your title should invite people to leave their comments. This is the point where people who are looking for relevant information will have an interest in your article. If you write your article with this in mind, you will likely gain more readers.

In some areas of your niche, simply posting a provocative title will not be enough. In these instances, you can add a few words in your own words. Adding your own words shows that you meant what you wrote in your title. If you include your own words in your title it means that you were serious about the information you contained in your article. In this case, you may also want to provide them as a resource. If this is the case, this means people should have taken your words more seriously. This can be a good thing, but if it is not, you should consider changing the words in your title.


Title: 5 Ways To Make Writing Fun

Body 456 Words

The article must be original and must stand out in your niche. The most popular articles are always repackaged variations of other authors’ work. Adding originality can, therefore, be a great advantage over your competitors.

But where to begin?

I have discovered two sources that will help any individual to write an informative and interesting article that will be read and admired by both children and adults who may be inclined to buy a product or sign up for a service.

1. Read everything that is there and take notes!

The vast majority of articles are written more for the sake of having an article on the web than having any other purpose. So take notes and study up on the relevant market.

Do not be influenced by the large numbers of articles that are there and will benefit you somehow in some manner. The majority of such articles lack substance and information.

It is also important that you study up on the market, the competitors and the services that are actually there, and what they are doing. Do not just copy what others are writing, rather you should write as you want, but with a unique angle on things.

2. Do not copy!

The best articles are the ones that are not based on other people’s work; rather they represent your own thoughts and ideas. This can be accomplished in two ways: by adding a creative twist or by being original.

An example is: A child takes a stick of chewing gum and chews it. He puts it away and says that it is gone. The next day, he finds it. He says that he chewed it and threw it away, but it suddenly came back to life and chewed him up before it disappeared.

That story would be interesting, but with the addition that he chewed the stick of gum and threw it away, the manner that it came back to life could have helped to generate an interesting article.

The addition of the creative twist could have made the reader like the article, while being realistic. An example would be: In the article, he puts on the sunglasses and walks into sunlight. He does not put them on, jump into the sun, and be healed, the manner it has been written. The manner of putting on the sunglasses has no effect on his vision.

In these and other ways, the manner and mannerism have an effect on the article. You also could include the mannerisms of some other people in your articles, with the addition of the impact of their mannerisms.

The key to being a writer is to have fun, take risks and write as you wish. Your readers will see that you are sincere. And, your blog will provide the information that you write.



(Not quite sure why the title is “5”. Bit of a small glitch, which could be adjusted, or used as a prompt to finish the other points manually)



Title: Choosing Affiliate Networks That Are Optimized For Sales

Body1011 Words

You must have some interest in the topic of your article. This can be an interest or a hobby. In fact, if your topic is not interesting to you, it’s not interesting to anybody. That’s the first point.

Next, find the niche that will interest your audience. For example, if you wrote a product review article about a certain type of rice cooker, you can write about other rice cookers or other types of grain mills, rice cookers, rice dryers, rice extractors, and so on. This should give you more information to share with the readers.

The fourth thing is to find the words your article needs. Your article cannot be boring, but you should still have some interest.

You need information that can get them to buy the product you’re writing about.

The final step is to write your article with the right keywords in mind, as these determine the number of visitors you will get.

This is why it’s so important to write something you already know will interest your readers. For example, if you write reviews on a type of cooker you personally use or enjoy using, your article cannot get many searches through the top ten, but it will be able to get some free visitors to your site and your website may eventually rank at the top for your keyphrase.

If you write an article on a thing you do not think much about, you may not get many searches through the top ten, but visitors who read your article may find it enjoyable or useful and may end up searching for related keywords.

Now, it’s time to put all these strategies into action. You can do this by starting a blog on a topic you already know about (the keywords in your article should be related to the blog topic), and submit your blog for approval.

You can use sites like Squidoo or Blogger. If you write good enough, your blogs can rank at the top for a keyword (or many keywords) you have entered inside your blog title.

If you want to write even more content, you can contact other websites that offer free articles. They can also help you get your blog into the top ten for a keyword you entered inside your title.

Or, if you like, you can join a content site and get your blog from their database in HTML format. Then, you can submit your blog to them with a special page URL that contains a list of keywords you have entered inside your blog title.

You don’t have to worry even less about getting rejected once you’ve entered keywords into the WordPress settings. For example, if you’ve selected “Home, Office, Kitchen”, you won’t be able to add anything else to your title.

So, how does it work?

Well, for the keywords you enter into your “home, office and kitchen title”, your blog is going to be displayed on the main WordPress page.

You can browse through the pages to check each one of them is working correctly. Make sure that your blog has been inserted correctly in each of them. Once you’re sure it’s not being displayed incorrectly, save the page.

Now, all you have to do is upload it to your blog. You can do that by clicking the “publish to blog” button.

Your blog will be displayed on your blog’s directory page. Go back to your blog directory page and upload your new blog to that page.

Your directory should allow you to display blogs for all the keywords you’ve entered inside your blog title. If you can’t display your blog for a keyword you entered in your blog title, simply leave that keyword blank.

Your blog will be available for browsing now. Search for related keywords on your blog’s page. Make sure you include keywords that are present in your blog title.

Your blog should display correctly now. Make sure the tags are correctly selected.

If your tags aren’t correctly selected – your blog probably won’t be displayed correctly. If they are correctly selected, your blog should display correctly.

The blog should be displayed correctly when you click on its “views” dropdown. Your views are the number of times your blog was viewed in the last 30 days. The view count should be in the range of 50-200. It should be within a 2-5 page range.

Your views don’t matter, so long as they’re outside of the range of 2-5 pages. This ensures that your blog will be displayed correctly, and the most popular keywords for your blog should also be displayed correctly.

The keyword list should be correctly selected. If it’s incorrect, your blog is most likely not going to be displayed correctly.

The keywords list should be correctly selected. If your list is selected incorrectly, you won’t be able to display your blog properly.

When you navigate through your blog, you should be able to scroll down to view your archives. Your archives are the number of times your blog was viewed in the last 30 days. The range should be between 1 and 20.  Archives are important because your blog is automatically indexed by Google’s search system. Your blog is indexed at Google at least twice daily.

Your affiliate links should be correctly selected. If your affiliate links aren’t correctly selected – your blog isn’t going to work correctly. Your affiliate links are the text links that appear on your blog when you are signed in or signed up as an affiliate, when you click on one, your site goes to the vendor’s site. These links should be correctly selected.

Your affiliate links should also appear correctly when you’re viewing your stats. These stats allow you to view how many views your blog got, how many unique views your blog got, or how many clicks your blog received. This information is important because it allows you to determine how well you did and how well you can do promoting that merchant’s product.

The stats are updated by our affiliate network service every day. If your affiliate links do not appear correctly when you view your stats – they might not appear correctly when you go to the vendors website.


Having An AI Online Writing Helper – How Would This Work For You?

I think it is amazing that AI can do this, and although it is not perfect, it is a great way to get past writer’s block, and get the ideas flowing. It is also a great way to optimize output. (think Fiverr, or Writing Jobs Online)

Yes, you will need to check the output, do some editing, and expand on some parts where necessary, but overall I am pleased with the performance.

Just think: Those 2,170 words were generated in the space of 10 minutes, total!


If, like me, there are times when you’d like an amazing AI online writing helper, you can find out more here!

AI Online Writing Helper - Say Goodbye To Writer's Block Say Goodbye To Writer’s Block!

Wishing you much success……….


From The Desk Of THE INFINITE AFFILIATE with a little help from Creaite!


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About the author

Colin Hitchman - Author

Having frequently thought about the possibility of leaving the “DAY JOB”, I have discovered a plethora of opportunities to work from home. In this site, I aim to explore what it is possible to achieve from someone who is computer-literate, but has no background in actually working online.

10 responses to “Amazing AI Online Writing Helper – Great For Writer’s Block!”

  1. Cogito Avatar

    Very interesting article. I just started my blog recently and I have to admit its more difficult that I imagined. Even if I have and idea and knowledge about a topic, its not always easy to put thoughts into interesting words.  I have never imagined that AI can help with this and its first time Im hearing about Creaite. But looking on your review it seems to be great help for every writer and Im looking forward to test it in practice. Not sure how it works yet, but definitely looks very promising.

    1. admin Avatar

      Cogito, it is a most interesting concept, having AI write your words. 

      I think it will be great for the times when you have an idea, but just need that little push to start your post. This can give you directions to go in, from which, you can then continue with the rest of the post. 

      All the best with your writing. 

  2. Ann Avatar

    I have experienced writer’s block and it’s terrible. I have wasted too many hours staring at a blank screen just waiting for creativity to hit me. But I am glad AI can help us. And also thank you for not only telling us but actually showing us how it works with all these results. I want to try it!

    1. admin Avatar

      Ann, I know that feeling, so well! Not good!

      Thank you for the positive feedback, I hope it gave you some useful help and inspiration.

  3. Nuttanee Avatar

    I am very familiar with the writer’s block and I just have to say that it is so stessful when you have to create the content but you can’t write. Thanks for sharing about Creaite! And the example is amazing! I have to say that it takes me about an hour or two just to write a 1,000 words but this is less than 10mins! I am going to check it out and take it from there. 

    1. admin Avatar

      Nuttanee, Sometimes, it can drive you mad! Anything that helps is worth a look.I’m sure you’ll be impressed!

  4. Geoff Avatar

    This is an excellent idea and product.

    Even without writers block it certainly is a good way to speed up the process of building your website. 

    Can you use this in the same way as you would use a writing agency?

    I love the speed at which you can get a response, so that you can get back to producing posts quickly.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. admin Avatar

      Geoff, Thanks. 

      If you are short on cash, you can use this instead of hiring writers, and likewise, if you are short on time.

      One major benefit, though, is that you can use this to produce work for others, and get paid for doing so!


      I think it is a worthwhile product, and investment. 

      All the best 🙂

  5. Aly Avatar

    Wow, this seems so easy that it feels like it’s cheating! Thanks for the real-life examples of input and output and how to mold the first draft into something that real people want to read. I hadn’t considered adding an AI online writing helper to the toolbox of business resources, but I love the speed and simplicity that it might add to my process!

    1. admin Avatar

      Aly, Is productivity ever really cheating? I’m not sure.

      It feels slightly like cheating, but isn’t the world just getting more optimized and automated anyway?

      I’m sure that AI will struggle to put real emotion into writing, so I’m not too worried about non-fiction novelists being side-lined. 

      It just seems like a good way to get a message out there, at speed.

      (there is always the task of proof-reading/editing to be done)

      I’m going to have some fun with this, and see how it goes 🙂

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