Benefits Of Working Zero-Hours Contracts? – Live An Entrepreneurial Life!

Benefits of working zero-hours contracts. Image of man signing a contract.

If you are a student with some free time, or perhaps someone who just wants a bit of flexibility in their working life, then in this article I would like to explain some Benefits Of  Working Zero-Hours Contracts, and how you could benefit from them. I am not legally qualified, and would advise anyone to … Read more

How To Do Drop Shipping For eBay – Daid Vu Udemy Course Review

You may or may not have heard of David Vu. Here, I will shed some light on both David Vu, and his course on the Udemy platform, that teaches how to do drop shipping for eBay. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of eBay! On the face of it, a possibility to access a vast … Read more

How To Change Career At 50 – Steps To Becoming Financially Independent

balloons celebrating age 50

So, you’re not happy with your current situation, and you want to know how to change career at 50. Perhaps you have been working your current career so long, you’re just bored. Maybe circumstances have forced you to have a major re-think about your life, and where you’re headed. Or, you might have brought up … Read more

WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW (2020) – Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Or Experts?

Wealthy Affiliate - uncover the secrets to making money online

I’d like to give you a concise Wealthy Affiliate review (2020) that you can compare with other opportunities which you may have already researched, thereby giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice as to what will work for your circumstances. This review will set out what it is all about, … Read more

About The Infinite Affiliate

WELCOME! So, you want to know about The Infinite Affiliate? Here’s my story…. Having frequently thought about the possibility of leaving the “DAY JOB”, I have discovered a plethora of opportunities to work from home. In this site, I aim to explore what it is possible to achieve from someone who is computer-literate, but has … Read more