How can I make money blogging about my life?

There are thousands of people who are in the same situation as you. Working the 9-5 J-O-B (Just Over Broke!). The only difference between you and them, is that you are going to be the one to make money online. Right? If you are thinking to yourself “How can I make money blogging about my…

Following a live blog case study online. Going from Niche Research to Profits.

Niche Research to Profits Step-By-Step! (Tutorial)

How do you get from Niche Research to Profits? – Step-By-Step! This is a live case study from Jay at Magistudios, showing how to how to start blogging on WordPress, from researching niche ideas, through to employing external writers for your blog. In other words, the whole process from start to profit!

Open laptop with post-it notes around. Why is keyword research so important for SEO?

Why is Keyword Research so Important for SEO?

So, you have just started blogging, and realize the great benefits to getting high volumes of organic search engine traffic. You obviously need to find the best way to maximize your chances of achieving this. So, why is keyword research so important for SEO as an affiliate marketer, and blogger?

At home office set up with text " Your new writing wingman".

Amazing AI Online Writing Helper – Great For Writer’s Block!

Do you sometimes sit at your laptop, and not know where to start for your next blog post or article? Maybe you wish you could get a little AI online writing helper? Don’t worry, there is a way, and I’m just about to make your day!

Laptop showing keywords on-screen

Jaaxy Review 2021 – Can Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Help You Rank?

At the heart of all successful blog posts is a great keyword, and in this Jaaxy keyword research tool review, I will set out the workings of this great platform, which I use for all my keyword research. I will give you an overview of the user interface (UI), and show examples of how you…