Why is Keyword Research so Important for SEO?

So, you have just started blogging, and realize the great benefits to getting high volumes of organic search engine traffic. You obviously need to find the best way to maximize your chances of achieving this. So, why is keyword research so important for SEO as an affiliate marketer, and blogger?

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So, Why is Keyword Research so Important for SEO?

This question leads straight to a further question.

How will your audience find your content, and, by extension, your offer?

How do you get traffic?

If, as an affiliate, you are promoting some offer, you’ll want to achieve a sale. First comes traffic!

When someone does a search for something, they will be writing a logical phrase in the search bar, that is connected to their desired outcome. This is what they are looking for, and this is what they want answered! If your published post is high up in the rankings, it will be found easier by your audience, over similar articles by your competition.

If it is a product they are searching out, they are probably already some way along the customer purchase cycle. They may even be at a stage to buy. If your page is in the right place at the right time, BOOM – Sale! Affiliate income is yours!


Let’s Explore The Process

I am writing this on the premise that the keyword I am targeting, is the most powerful one to optimize for in terms of SEO.

The reason is that these are the ones the search engine spiders will be looking for, to rank sites for your chosen phrase. This means you need to make sure your sites rank well in the search engines for those keywords, in order to get traffic from them.

Furthermore, when you focus on one keyword, your pages become easier to find, in the SERPS, when someone is looking for that specific phrase.

This will give you an edge, when compared to your competition, when optimizing for that term.

I’m sure you are wondering, what a SERPS is, and why is it so important to SEO.

A SERPS or Search Engine Results Pages is simply the result the search engine provides you, when your keywords are entered for a query in their search engine. The problem with this is that it is over-saturated with many other sites already, which makes it difficult to get a good ranking for your keyword. However, that is exactly why keyword research is so important, so that you can get the best ranking for your chosen phrases.

If you are planning to be an affiliate marketer, and blog, then keyword research is the best way to go. And you must start doing keyword research before you start blogging.


Get Yourself Some Tools!

Here are a few tools you can use to get started with keyword research.

* Google AdWords Keyword Tool:

Here, you can enter in your chosen keyword and get some suggestions. Use this to get some ideas of what keywords to target for your affiliate marketing campaign.

* Wordtracker:

Here, you can search for keywords that are related to your chosen keywords, and find a few related keywords. Be warned, this tool doesn’t have an early warning system in it, and doesn’t have the latest trends in keyword research. However, you can get some good ideas and good keywords to target with this tool.

* Keyword Discovery:

Here, you can search for related keywords, and get some suggestions, to target.

* WordStream:

Here, you can search for terms that are entered into the search engine. Using this, you can get ideas, and keyword suggestions.

* SEO SpyGlass:

Here, you can find a few suggestions and keywords related to your chosen keyword.

* Jaaxy Keyword Tool:

Here, with Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research

Be warned that using just one of the mentioned tools will not give you enough results to do your research properly. Therefore, try using them all. This will give you more benefits from each of these tools.


How Can We Use This? 

So now that we know what to do, we must make sure to create our content around these keyword phrases. To do this, we must do an analysis on the results of our search terms, and find the most searched keyword phrases for our affiliate marketing campaign. To do this, we can perform a keyword search with the following methods:

1. The most popular method is to ask the audience for their suggestion: If the audience knows what they want, it is simple for them to give their suggestions. So here, we can just pass along what the audience is thinking, and we will have this information to use it for our own use.

2. Using the frequency list: Using the frequency list, you can see what the audience was searching for. After making a list of the keywords entered by the audience, you can use them in the articles.

3. Using the keyword suggestions: Using the keywords suggestions, you can look for the keywords that the audience would use in searching for something else. Use the keywords suggestions to make the articles more interesting.

This technique is good for using the popular keywords that the audience might use in searching for something else. Also, with this method, you will get information on the number of times the keywords were searched for, the rankings are, and also some other statistics about them.

4. Using the link analysis: Using the link analysis, you can check the number of links that are associated with the keywords, the anchor text, the number of times it was indexed, the click through rate, etc. This data can be used to give the keywords in the articles a high click through rate.

5. Making the articles appealing: As for making the articles appealing, you should know which keywords would appeal to the audience for the particular article. With this method, you can determine all such words that are attractive to the audience.

6. Use the most effective techniques: Keep doing what works best! This is used to help you apply the skills of the SEO expert and to help you determine the best techniques for the articles.


So, To Round Up…

The answer to the question “Why is Keyword Research so Important for SEO?” is, because it makes sense to try to maximize the traffic to your site. This can be achieved through ranking on page one, of Google in particular.

Research words and phrases that are high traffic, and with low competition, to maximize your chances of achieving this. This is why careful consideration needs to be applied to our choice of keywords. It is also where the time spent researching these keywords comes to fruition.


Wishing you much success


From the desk of…….. The Infinite Affiliate


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  1. Hey,

    this is a great blog for beginners and even people who want more traffic on their channels and websites because keyword research is so important and many people quit blogging due to less traffic on their channel.

    The only way to solve this problem is to become very good at keyword research and you have listed some great pointers for the same. And I think they should Definitely see this blog.

    Also, the insights shared in the blog would make keyword research easier. This blog is so useful and full of information.

    I know little about keyword research before reading this article but now I have gained a lot of knowledge about it.

    Thank you!


    • Hi there!
      Thanks for dropping by, reading, and commenting on my little blog!
      So glad you were able to take something useful from it. We all need to start somewhere, and I was so lucky to find Wealthy Affiliate when I was looking for an opportunity to start making money online. I am learning loads!
      Bonus…it is free to take a look, and see if it will work for you!
      This is just one of my go-to resources, and a good place to get going in the affiliate marketing space 🙂

  2. One of the main reasons why people quit blogging is because there site does not get enough traffic – The only way to solve this problem is to become very good at keyword research and you have listed some great pointers for the same.

    Also, I must admit, keyword research is important but at the same time keep in mind you are writing for a human. Don’t get overly stressed by “keyword research”. Because people to tend to use “keyword stuffing” methods that can only harm your rankings.

    So do your homework (keyword research) and then get in the mindset of helping the fellow being – If you practice this, then you will enjoy your writing & get good traffic.

    • Satz, You raise a very important point. It is imperative that keyword stuffing is not done, as that can have a massive negative impact on your site.

      You have highlighted the importance of learning the right approach to the application of your keywords/phrases.

      Thanks for adding this thought. I’m sure many can benefit from it.

  3. Thanks for letting us know how important keyword researches are for our content creation. To be honest, it’s the best & affordable way for beginners to learn how to drive quality & free traffic just by it.

    I personally have many experiences ranking my articles higher on search engines by keyword researches. In that case, people can land on my site ahead of others, which means I get more chances to show them what I promote.

    I like that you also use Jaaxy for your keyword research, which I use every day for my content creation. It’s very nice to connect with people that use the same tool online.


    • Matt, Thanks for your comments. Great to know Jaaxy is working for the betterment of people trying to level up.

      For Newbies, it is so much more cost effective to drive free organic traffic, and great keyword research is essential.

  4. Keywords are an important factor for SEO to rank in search engines. When you pick the right ones you get tons of traffic and therefore you make money.

  5. This is a great post for anyone starting out as a blogger. It’s vital to spend time researching keywords and keyphrases before structuring a post. I’ve used a few of the tools you mentioned including Google Adwords keyword planner, but my favourite is jaaxy. This tool makes it easy to find keywords with high search volume, and low competition.

    • Kathy, I also use Jaaxy quite a bit. It is intuitive to use, and I also love the Site Rank feature, where you can monitor your rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


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